Artist Biography

I am an artist based in Derbyshire, hailing for the charming town of Glossop, nestled on the outskirts of Manchester. Glossop is surrounded by breathtaking countryside and teems with magnificent wildlife. Meanwhile, Manchester boasts a thriving and dynamic art scene, featuring exceptional street art. I embarked on creating artwork that blends urban flair with rural themes. My artistic style can be likened to confetti - a vibrant, chaotic and exuberant spectacle. Utilising watercolour, ink, rust and spray as my primary mediums. I infuse texture into my pieces by incorporating floral and plant prints, as well as stencils. My work aims to honour and explore the rich variety of wildlife found in Derbyshire while also bringing joy to the viewer. The intense colour palette, intricately layered patterns and textures, and bold brush strokes enchant the senses. I strive to capture the essence of each animal and present it in a manner that is playful, wild and  liberating. My artistic service extend to commissioned pet portraits as well.